Are you a fan of leafy goods? Craving for a good salad but often being let down by the lack of choices in a tiny space at the corner of a menu? 

Simply Green will certainly delight you! Now prepared to scroll down and see for yourself. A varieties of combination in the most creative manner "you" can think of. Yes, you get to choose what you want. Ok maybe not so good for those who seek for a simpler approach but do give it a try. 

There's 3 basic combination available:- small, medium and large. What exactly are they? You get a base for either option plus 6 different toppings ranging from beans, fruits, nuts, other kind of vegetables and finish with a dressing of your choice. That's what you get in a small bowl! What about the medium? Large? You get even more toppings !!!

So how do you place an order ? Grab a pencil, a menu and mark your choices. If you aren't sure what are the selection, do ask the ladies and lads over the counter. 

My challenge was picking the dressing for my lovely salad. There are 29 options in total. OMG how do I know what they taste like? Don't fret, they let you get a taste of them. Yes they offer tasting for the dressing too. You also get to decide if you want the garlic bread that comes with the salad - no extra charges for that.

Here comes my selection !!! Mixed lettuce, roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, edamame, kidney beans, hard boiled egg and avocado. I tasted several dressing and ended up with a safe choice - Ceaser dressing. 

Currently it's available in 2 locations, Gardens Lower Ground opposite Simple Life and another outlet in Fraser Place KL. I'll definitely going to frequent this salad bar. 

It's been a while since the boat noodle trend and this little cosy Thai restaurant is not your regular fair. Why do I say so? Because at The Porki Society everything is about pork ! -  Yea, yea most of you have obviously figure out from its name.

Let's focus a bit on the interior of the restaurant itself. My first impression was - primary school days. A little more colorful than what we use to have but the small wooden chairs and tables does share similar traits.

I rather fancy the condiments "glasses" which can be commonly spotted at hawkers stall in Thailand. There's 3 different types of chillies - the flakes, the sauce  and another in paste. Then there's the star seasoning, fish sauce. So inside the menu they will have recommendation on how to elevate the taste of their food using the various seasoning.

So what do we eat here ? Noodles in tiny portion of cause ! Their main menu consist of 2 types of noodles - the famous Thai flat noodle and the all time favourite bee hoon. You can opt for either dry or in broth. Both serve along with single piece of pork meat and a pork ball. What about the portion? For RM 1.90 you will get about 3 mouthful (if you are a big eater probably 2). Being a thoughtful restaurant, they came up with yet another recommendation - if you are normal eater xxx bowl of noodles + 1 sides + 1 drink.

Since I'm here to explore on their menu, I only ordered 2 bowls of Thai flat noodle, one dry and another in broth. Then come the sides, the infamous pork satay, pork chop, braised pork, and a bowl of kang kung. 

The bowl of pork ball, the Thai flat noodle and the kangkung all three share the same broth. It's very flavourful and slightly sweet but definitely not a bad one. The braised pork is one of the recommended dish, for me it didn't make much of an impact when compared across the other dishes of the night.

My favourite dish of the night is definitely the pork chop. Its well seasoned, though fried the meat is still tender and not oily. It goes very well with the dry noodles too. Pork satay comes closely in fact neck to neck with the pork chop as being one of the night's favourite dish too. I loved the sauce that came along with the satay - a combination of shallots, spring onion, chilli flakes and ground peanut. There was something citrusy in the sauce as well because it has a strong sourish taste which I find it rather complementing to the grilled meat. 

Overall the food are pretty decent and appeal more towards stronger palettes. Price for the sides range from RM 5 - RM 18 depending on what you order and the portion. If you are going for something more filling, they do have a set meal menu for about RM 16. Mainly are rice and noodle combo in regular portion served along side some sampler of the various type of side dish. Combination are fixed though so you don't get to pick what sides goes with your main course.

The price of the drinks are somewhat more expensive with a Thai milk tea selling for RM 6.90 but that comes in the size of what looks like a 600ml cup. It's going to be a place where I'll visit once a while especially when I'm craving for the springy noodle and pork chop combo. 

  1. Address: Sea Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Psst.. are you looking for a restaurant with great food and stunning view in town as well? That was the reason that brought me to Fuego @TroikaSkyDining,

While I was looking for recommendation online with key words such as "romantic dinner", "great view", "good food" and "reasonably price". Trust me, it wasn't an easy search. I'm a believer of beautiful memories shouldn't come with a pinch towards the end or in some cases after you woke up in the next morning. 

So do I already have a place in mind? Yes, I do. Unsure if faith was doing its trick on us, sadly I couldn't make a booking. That's when I decided why not explore this beautiful restaurant instead. There's one thing I love with restaurants these day, online reservation. So I simply visit their website, pick the date/time that I prefer and patiently wait for their confirmation call. Since Fuego have limited seating, my little advice for those who wish to dine during weekend, please rsvp at least a week ahead. 

So now, what's next? Conveniently they have their menu all ready in their website. You can decide what you wish to order or even look up for review on those dishes. Since they also included the price in their menu, budget control made easy. 

I did struggle a little with the rsvp, that's because I couldn't decide between the earlier seating or the later one. An early seating allows me to enjoy both sunset and nightscape but need to check out by 8pm while the late seating gives you more time to gaze at the nightscape and into each others eye. *Blush*

For starters, I ordered Avruga Caviar Guacamole served with crispy vegetable chips. It's so addictive that kept us munching away. With the smooth blend of avocada, lime, dill, tomato, salmon gavlax and generous topping of Avruga caviar, the guacamole taste so good I wanted to eat it all by myself. 

Next comes the Prawn Ceviche, another signature dish of Fuego. It's served with fresh succulent tiger prawn on a bed of chopped tomato, heart of palm, shallots, seasoned with a hint of spicy harrissa and finished with the touch of sour cream & tiger's milk (contains lime juice, sliced onion, chiles, salt, and pepper ). By now, I wish I did skipped lunch earlier so I can have more.

Now comes the star dish of the night, Australian Grass Fed rib-eye. I had it medium-rare with a little charred on the side. The steak is good on its own even with just a simple seasoning of pepper rub and pinch of salt. As most would have notice that, I only ordered only one dishes for each course.....that's because its serving was generous enough for sharing. Unless you are really a big eater or you decide to only go for the main, then a dish each would have been enough.

Unfortunately, I left no room for dessert so I didn't get the chance to sample any. Last but not least, a good toast for the night. A sweet sangria for me and a strong finish for the other.

Coffee culture have flourish over the year in the heart warming city of KL

Spending the afternoon during weekday @ a unique coffee boutique is my kind of luxury. 

Tucked away in the corner off a busy street right behind the police station, VCR shine in the array of coziness. 

Is modern simplicity interior paired with wood metal furniture gives the cafe a cool and raw outlook.

It's narrow staircase leads us to a second floor which married the creative use of a container to the core structure of the heritage building to provide extra space for guest to enjoy and slowly sip away. There's also a tiny outdoor section where one can opt to ponder on the small field on the upper floor.

A cup of coffee and a slice of sweetness reminds me the simplicity of happiness. 

For a wholesome experience, try to ask for recommendation from their baristas and don't be shy to pick up a sweet lovely slice of cake for your beautiful day !!
一道在熟悉不過嘅入廚必殺技。甜絲絲嘅可樂雞翼 ~ 用料簡單又實惠。



Starbucks recent launched of their new Espresso Confections in 2 Flavors namely the Chestnut Praline Latte & Raspberry Truffle Mocha.

I must admit that I'm not a fan of flavored coffee but I'm sold for that pink color raspberry whipped cream. So ~ I tried .... It was all so SWEET !!! I can still taste raspberry and its indeed refreshing. The chocolaty flavor from the mocha adds on to the contrasting light fruity flavor of raspberry.

Personally, I still think is a combination of sweet on sweet and look sweet too.. but if you ain't a fan of "confections" this may not be your next favorite drink. But it is some interesting flavor here so I do suggest to give it a try. I still prefer my coffee to have the aromatic roasted fragrant in them.

Like many,  I have always show my love for cheese.. though I have only tried a handful of them.. and usual just eating it by themselves of some cracker - the more intermediate cheese lovers pair it with something else.. ♡ Wine !

So here's a quick peek on what goes well with which.. Nonetheless, preference is always subjective and personal.. so let's just have fun trying these dairy gold bar..With some ruby spring.. So royal.. ☆

Enjoy !