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Psst.. are you looking for a restaurant with great food and stunning view in town as well? That was the reason that brought me to Fuego @TroikaSkyDining,

While I was looking for recommendation online with key words such as "romantic dinner", "great view", "good food" and "reasonably price". Trust me, it wasn't an easy search. I'm a believer of beautiful memories shouldn't come with a pinch towards the end or in some cases after you woke up in the next morning. 

So do I already have a place in mind? Yes, I do. Unsure if faith was doing its trick on us, sadly I couldn't make a booking. That's when I decided why not explore this beautiful restaurant instead. There's one thing I love with restaurants these day, online reservation. So I simply visit their website, pick the date/time that I prefer and patiently wait for their confirmation call. Since Fuego have limited seating, my little advice for those who wish to dine during weekend, please rsvp at least a week ahead. 

So now, what's next? Conveniently they have their menu all ready in their website. You can decide what you wish to order or even look up for review on those dishes. Since they also included the price in their menu, budget control made easy. 

I did struggle a little with the rsvp, that's because I couldn't decide between the earlier seating or the later one. An early seating allows me to enjoy both sunset and nightscape but need to check out by 8pm while the late seating gives you more time to gaze at the nightscape and into each others eye. *Blush*

For starters, I ordered Avruga Caviar Guacamole served with crispy vegetable chips. It's so addictive that kept us munching away. With the smooth blend of avocada, lime, dill, tomato, salmon gavlax and generous topping of Avruga caviar, the guacamole taste so good I wanted to eat it all by myself. 

Next comes the Prawn Ceviche, another signature dish of Fuego. It's served with fresh succulent tiger prawn on a bed of chopped tomato, heart of palm, shallots, seasoned with a hint of spicy harrissa and finished with the touch of sour cream & tiger's milk (contains lime juice, sliced onion, chiles, salt, and pepper ). By now, I wish I did skipped lunch earlier so I can have more.

Now comes the star dish of the night, Australian Grass Fed rib-eye. I had it medium-rare with a little charred on the side. The steak is good on its own even with just a simple seasoning of pepper rub and pinch of salt. As most would have notice that, I only ordered only one dishes for each course.....that's because its serving was generous enough for sharing. Unless you are really a big eater or you decide to only go for the main, then a dish each would have been enough.

Unfortunately, I left no room for dessert so I didn't get the chance to sample any. Last but not least, a good toast for the night. A sweet sangria for me and a strong finish for the other.

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