Chan Kee - Roasted Duck

I'm a Canto breed - chinese roasted dishes can never run away from my daily gastronomy.

Growing up with Tuck Kee, Hong Kong Roast Duck and Sun Yeong Wai around the corner - it's kind of difficult to find something that taste even more exceptional.

Well, lucky me to be staying around PJ. Apparently there's one that does taste super good. It taste different from all of those I mentioned above but it does have it's own unique taste.

There's once the uncle told me that today's duck is a little tough. I was like "Ok, should you not be telling me that?'. Apparently he's someone who not just care about selling the duck but also the ingredient itself.

I'm impress ~ now he's how the duck look like. Half a duck cost somewhere around RM 24 just nice for 2 - 3 pax

Located opposite Giant, Taman Paramount (open at 5pm and depends on if you are lucky probably still get your duck before 9pm)

Just in case if you want to pre-order, call the 012 number and tell uncle when and how many ducks you want.

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