O'galito Mediterranean Bar & Grill


Thanks to a late night meet up session with a friend and we randomly walk up to this Mediterranean gem in town.

Spoilt by the options for late night munchies in Pavilion, a compliment from a sweet diner convinced us to step foot into O'galito.

We were received with warm welcome by friendly and attentive staffs. Sitted within a cozy corner in the inside of the restaurant, we happily chatted and laugh away the rest of our evening.

Their offerings were plenty and we decided to do it the 'feeling lucky' way.. so we go with 2 tapas, pasta of the day and something else from the menu.

• Black bean . nachos
• Fried mozzarella.
• Grilled sea bass with squid ink pasta
• Seafood baked pasta

Nachos were perfect fit for the beef and black bean mince.  Fried mozzarella were all stringy and compliment it's crunchiness is the humble tartar sauce. Certain in love the fresh squid ink pasta as it taste less chewy with a tinge of spiciness in its sauce. Sea bass was grilled to perfection with crispy skin yet  moist fillet. The seafood baked pasta was the one that shares the most predictable flavor.  Its pasta was cooked al Dante. The portion was generous and is a place that I will certainly revisit. Our billed came up to rm 150.00 for 3 person containing 2 tapas, two main course and 2 lemonade. Certainly a place that I would be revisiting soon.

Seabass With Squid Ink Pasta
Fried Mozzarella With Tartar Sauce

 Nachos With Black Bean Beef Mince

Baked Seafood Pasta

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