Getting my morning fix - Garage 51

Yet another visit to one of KL listed must visit coffee located in the heart of Sunway.

Garage 51 - a unique warehouse-ish concept coffee place that serves a selective number of sandwiches, coffee and some savoury goods.

A glance through the menu and im delighted with one of the ingredient serve in quite a few of its dishes. My dear avocado :)

I also do come across some interesting find such as the Nutella, coffee ice cubes serve with cold milk.. A rather interesting yet sinful blend which certainly understand the idea of avoiding diluted iced coffee.

So an order was placed, a meal for two. I ordered roll in a hole which simple relates to a serving of avocado mash, tomato salsa,cream cheese topped with smoked salmon and serve over a bagel along with a vinegratte drizzled mixed green.

I liked all the component of this dish but wish that there were slightly more avocado mash to it. Simply because it can balance off the strong creamy texture from the cream cheese and do not get overpowered by the sour taste from the salsa.

Another dish has something to do with a home made hash brown with ham and poached egg topped with hollandaise sauce. Disaster...why? The hash brown was soggy and bland. The egg was in a hard boiled state. No runny yolk no crispy potatoes.. :(

Portion was over the 'fine' side.. coffee was alright.. nothing much to shout about. Maybe really it's signature dishes and drinks that sells..
Spent almost RM80 for breakfast for two. No complains for its setting though.

Most likely won't be any revisit given the let down of the food served. But do recommend to try out, I could just happen to be the less lucky one.

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