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Thanks to Xavier, got invited for the December promotion food review last Saturday with a group of other pretty bloggers at Chilla Cup - Mont Kiara.

Let's start of with some of the all-time favorite serve here in Chilla Cup. Their signatures are not their food nor their drinks but is their concept of serving everything freshly baked and freshly brew. Having said so, the coffee bean are fully imported from an artisan roaster in Singapore where coffee beans are roasted in the amount of 15 kg per session to control the quality of the production.

A cup of roasted macchiato
So what we had for the day was 3 of its signature pretzel - sea salt (RM 6.90), cinnamon sugar (RM 7.50) & sweet potato filled pretzel (RM 9.90). All there pretzels are very filling and generous in portion. If you find the plain pretzel being too boring, you can always order some dipping sauce to go along. I personally prefer the cinnamon sugar because the way they serve it and every bite gives you a mouthful of cinnamon sugar.

Sweet potato filled pretzel

Cinnamon Sugar

Pretzel with Sea Salt
Dippings selection

If you looking for something more filling and super sinful - I recommend the have the "double cheese honey". It's a thick toast top with mozzarella, parmesan cheese and drizzle over with honey. *Highly recommended to share this or have it with some tea or black coffee.

Next in the row is something even more sinful but this time goes to the sweet tooth category. Caramel butter thick toast - a crunchy buttered thick toast top with enormous amount of fresh cream and drizzled over with caramel sauce. * Eat it quick before the cream monster melt away. Every bite taste heavenly - goes well with tea and black coffee to gives you the balance of taste.

We also had pepperoni tortilla (looks pretty much like a pizza) and it's rather standard. But the serving was good for RM 12.50 you can share with 2 to 3 person if you looking for something to snack away.

Now the focus of the month would be the latest promotional dishes and these are non permanent dishes that will be available only throughout this December.

There are a total of 3 dishes that will be available specially for the month - a chicken stew served with wholemeal pita, pan seared dory served over cream sauce pasta and also a grilled chicken served with chips and fries. All dishes comes with a drink of the month (RM 18.90) which is Lychee crush and you can upgrade to any coffee or tea for an additional RM 3.

The chicken is super tender, well seasoned, the sauce keeps the chicken moist and succulent. We finished off the plate within minutes and requested for a second serving. Nothing out of space about the taste, but the texture is superb.

Chicken stew is definitely the underdog among the 3 dishes. It may look bland but its taste is wholesome. The chicken bites are very tender, the diced potatoes and carrots compliments the taste of the broth so well. However, I found the wholemeal pita may not be the stew best friends. It needed something stronger in taste. Perhaps a crunchy garlic buttered toast may do the trick.

My personal pick will be this pan seared dory served with cream pasta. The fish was well seasoned and seared to perfection. I can feel the fluffiness in every bite.

The drinks that come along these dishes is somewhat "predictable". Anyway a lychee will always taste like what it is but when blended with crush ice, I find it somewhat refreshing.

Do browse through their website or visit them at facebook as they will have giveaways every now and then.

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  1. Love their cinnamon! Great! Pizza not bad too.. Lastly, not forgot of their coffee too..