Simply Green - Worth Every Single Bite

Are you a fan of leafy goods? Craving for a good salad but often being let down by the lack of choices in a tiny space at the corner of a menu? 

Simply Green will certainly delight you! Now prepared to scroll down and see for yourself. A varieties of combination in the most creative manner "you" can think of. Yes, you get to choose what you want. Ok maybe not so good for those who seek for a simpler approach but do give it a try. 

There's 3 basic combination available:- small, medium and large. What exactly are they? You get a base for either option plus 6 different toppings ranging from beans, fruits, nuts, other kind of vegetables and finish with a dressing of your choice. That's what you get in a small bowl! What about the medium? Large? You get even more toppings !!!

So how do you place an order ? Grab a pencil, a menu and mark your choices. If you aren't sure what are the selection, do ask the ladies and lads over the counter. 

My challenge was picking the dressing for my lovely salad. There are 29 options in total. OMG how do I know what they taste like? Don't fret, they let you get a taste of them. Yes they offer tasting for the dressing too. You also get to decide if you want the garlic bread that comes with the salad - no extra charges for that.

Here comes my selection !!! Mixed lettuce, roasted pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, edamame, kidney beans, hard boiled egg and avocado. I tasted several dressing and ended up with a safe choice - Ceaser dressing. 

Currently it's available in 2 locations, Gardens Lower Ground opposite Simple Life and another outlet in Fraser Place KL. I'll definitely going to frequent this salad bar. 

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