Blueberry Muffin

My aunt came back from Australia and call me up - "Eh, I brought back some blueberries can you make something with it?"

That's the reason behind this wonderful tray of blueberries muffin ~

My knowledge in baking is somewhere about - "I know how to follow the instructions on the box".

I did thought of doing something more challenging but since it was my 1st attempt I rather not waste the ingredient.

My best suggestion is do get a pack of muffin mixed from the store or any bakery store nearby - my choice was orange poppy seed mixed with blueberries.

It was crunchy(poppy seed) and I love the citrus taste from the orange with the sourish flavor from the berries.

Although it looks a little uneven, the taste was pretty good. If I remember correctly, all you need to include was just egg, butter and some milk.

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