Popeyes - Super Savers

Popeyes is one of my favorite fried chicken beside Poh Lee back in my home town.

Some may find it too dry for their liking and some may get too use to the "local" fried chicken taste.

While many may not know much about their menu - Popeyes actually offers many things else beside chicken. For instant, they have got their signature rice bowl, fish, shrimp, cajun fries, mash potatoes, chicken tender, biscuit (more of a crusted muffin) and even strawberry cheesecake.

What most of you didn't know is the have something call "happy hour" too. You get an extra piece of chicken when you order a 3 pieces set during dinner hours. If you don't like set or simply love wings like me, get the 3 pieces chicken wings (off menu) for RM 6 only.

Also in their latest promotion is the Super Saver menu. For RM 4.90 you will get a serving of rice with your choice of either a piece of chicken, 2 tenders or 1 fish fillet. That's not all, it comes with a side dish of your choice as well which you may choose from mash potatoes, corn, cajun fries or coleslaw.

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