Umaiya - really 'u mai' (taste good)


I have always love Japanese bento as they often combine lot's of small dishes in one wholesome meal.

While sometimes we love the variety offered by these set, small eater especially some ladies may think differently. Thus, I would like to recommend the following set if you wish to go light on meal.

It consist of a generous servings fresh green salad served with chicken chunks and wafu sauce. 

Together with the set comes a bowl of mixed mushroom boiled in dashi stock which simply delighting for those who love these spores.

Japanese cuisine will never be complete without the appearance of the fluffy white grain - rice!  Serving on the plate are 4 pcs of sushi and a mini maki.

This is one meal that I'll certainly return for when I wish to have something fulfilling yet not too heavy.

Female bento set - RM 23 ++

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