Paradise Dynasty - 乐天皇朝

Attracted by their 8 different variation of  xiao long bao (小笼包), I finally get a taste of what could be different from our good old Ding Tai Fung & Dragon-i.

A step within the restaurant, you will find an astonishing Buddha figure surrounded by water fixtures which sits right in the middle of the hall. After being led to the respective table, your usually cutleries are ready lined up with a sauce plate filled with shredded ginger. However so, I finds it less appropriate to have food just place like under an open environment as you may not know what could possibly gets in the food.

Prior to ordering, the waiter/waitress will ask if you would like to have some tea which do take note because it's chargeable at RM 1.80 per pax. If you would like to try all of their variation, you may order the mix menu which priced at RM 23 ++ that include original, foie gras, black truffle, sze chuan, garlic, crab roe, cheese and ginseng flavour each.

Nonetheless, to make things comparable I usually goes for the original ones. Otherwise, if the base isn't great fancy ingredient may not pull the trick.

Original 小笼包 comes in 2 servings, 6 pcs at RM 12.80 or 10 pcs at RM 16.80.

Took a bite and sip - the broth and filling taste all right but nothing to shout about. However, the skin was rather thick for my liking and because of this, the tip of the dumpling where the folds join tends to dry up quickly making it chewy.

Besides 小笼包, they are also famous for la mian (拉面) and I always fancy spicy & sour ones. Between both Dragon-i & Ding Tai Fung, my vote goes to DTF as their thick soup base is so flavourful and fill with generous portion of shredded mushrooms, black fungus, meat and tofu. Thus, expectation was set for this and even before I tasted this, I was starring at the bowl with my eyes wide open.

They eventually cut my la mian up into sections. O_O Perhaps it will be very thoughtful if you ask me up front if I would like to have it cut. The la mian ended up with each about 3 inches long only. Taste was more towards spicy but if you like it sour you may always pour in more vinegar but do take note that this will dilute the broth making it more watery.

For others who still prefer their rice and dishes, they also have these within their menu. A serving of sweet & sour pork can share for 2 person but I would suggest to have at least 2 dishes if for sharing. You may also request for white rice even if its off the menu.

Overall, I'll still return to try on the rest of the variant so to say at least I know how it taste like. Apart from that, perhaps just for the 小笼包.

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