MI-NE SUSHI (峰寿司香港)

Have you ever encounter lunch hour in Hong Kong? I can tell you it was absolutely scary yet stunning. Within minutes, the restaurants are all filled with eagerly and hungry looking people.

We were in Tsim Sa Tsui after some shopping and my watch shows 12.15pm - I said, "Let's do lunch, hope the crowd is not out yet." We stopped by MI-NE Sushi  across Harbor City Mall and took some time to look at the menu before ordering the set below.

Salmon sashimi (thick cut), 7 pieces of fresh raw sushi (salmon, tuna, sweet prawn, sea eel, scallop, 2 more fish which I can't recall) and 3 pieces tuna maki (1 inch length). Miso soup, wafu salad & caramel coated sweet potato as dessert.

Service was super quick, 10 minutes and food served. It was super value for money with the quality and quantity given. The set cost HKD 88 inclusive of 10% service charge. (RM35.20) If this is available in KL I would have make this place my canteen.

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