MUJI - On the GO

MUJI - Those who have been to Hong Kong or Japan for sure know about this place.

My first encounter with the brand was due to a lost pencil case. I picked up this pen in it which labelled MUJI and felt in love immediately after having written with it.

Recently during my re-visit to Hong Kong, I hopped in to grab some of my favorite tools for writing. But this time, I came across some MUJI snacks.

These thing that resemble cotton pads are actually cotton candy. While I may not look like your ordinary fluff puff it does remain soft just like biting into air.

This scary creature here definitely turn many heads away. Being someone who may be the in-born enemy of squids, I'll try my best to get a bite out of any that I encounter throughout my journey. This is not an exception. It's sourish, sweet and does not have any fishy smell. But the taste of vinegar does over power the natural squid-ish taste. But I don't mind taking it as a snack. In fact, I bought another pack on my way back from the airport as well.

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