Battle of Ramen - Menya Musashi

I supposed by now everyone should know that department store giant - ISETAN has landed in One Utama last week.

Since my life have been recently occupied by work and moving houses...I have almost no preference towards any kind of food as long as I don't feel hungry after eating it.

Yes.. can't be happening right

Ok so today I treat myself a little better... I have seen some good reviews and good ramen (originate from Japan with Japanese ramen master) opening one after another in town.

Musashi Ramen - I totally have no idea what's the background of the store. Like any other authentic Japanese ramen store - the only thing that they offer is 1) Ramen and 2) Gyoza... And there's no seafood, lala, beef or what so ever.. Only almighty Char- Su (pork) ramen.

In Musashi, you can op for 3 types of serving & 3 types of soup base.

1) Ramen Only
2) Ramen with Egg
3) Ramen with Egg & Char Su
4) Ramen with Char Su only

As for their soup

1)Shiro - normal broth
2)Kuro - included shallot oil
3)Aka.. i forgot - spicy

There's also Tsukemen Musashi - no soup but come with a thick soup like broth for you to dip the ramen and eat.
How to Eat ?

Thick broth (sauce like)

Almighty Char Su

The Kuro Musashi Ramen was nice but I find it too oily for my liking. I still prefer my ramen with broth.. Irregardless of soup based or not, the food was served warm (not hot).

Then comes the Gyoza, hmm so-so... I have better ones before but RM9 for 5 is kinda.. hmm a little expensive....

The bill came up to RM 70+ for 2 ramen, 2 green tea (non-refillable) and a set of Gyoza. Kind of on the pricy end but food quality vs price - perhaps a less frequent but definite re-visit.

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