KFC AM Multigrain

Picking up breakfast from a fast food chain is nothing new these day. Despite knowing that its fast food , general consumers still wish to go as healthy as possible.

So, recently (don't quite remember where I picked up the piece of information) I came across a new item on the menu which is the KFC AM Multigrain and decided to give it a try. Honestly speaking, this is consider my 3rd KFC breakfast ever since its available. Mainly because there's limited outlet that sells breakfast, secondly fried chicken seems a little heavy for breakfast but the sandwiches are only palm size.

KFC AM Multigrain - tender fried chicken, egg and chicken crisp serve in multi grain bun. 

I do fancy the multi grain bun with its hint of crunch from the grain itself yet the it does not make the bun feel coarse. Although it was serve fried, the chicken did not lose its tenderness. Together with the egg and chicken crisp balance out the different texture and taste when diving in for a bite.

Overall liking for the new breakfast - great taste BUT only if its hot. Perhaps it was a little late when I pick it up and the bun was not even warm. I suppose it is still best to have it dine in.

Priced at RM 7.35 nett for a meal with your choice of drink (tea/coffee/orange juice) and not quite sure if it's just a drive through promo, you will also receive a Munchy cream cracker with every combo meal purchase. 

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