Chatime - Horlick-ick

Recalling my last encounter with this malt drink Mr Horlick was.... ~ ~ fuzzy fuzzy... not quite sure when was it. I was more of a Milo fan and find pale malty drink a little too healthy for my liking.

Perhaps being a little skeptical, some how this new Horlick Milk Tea by Chatime seems to somehow lure me to it. Nostalgic it seems, "aahhhh"  this was how it taste like. If you are a super Horlick fan, or someone who needs a little walk down the memory lane - try this out. Comes in 3 variants, Horlick Milk Tea, Horlick Cocoa and Horlick Smoothie.

Plus if you happens to some how drop by on the 28th Jan, Chatime is running a free upgrade promo for the Horlick series.

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