Taste of Penang - White Curry


After a huge excitement over a staple food recently, the almighty instant noodle has become a talk of a town.

Yes, I'm certainly talking about infamous Penang White Curry from MyKuali.

To my surprise, it does promise a good taste like the real deal.

Its springy noodle allows you to slowly savor the flavourful broth without worrying it getting all soggy.

The broth consist of a mixed of 3 individual flavoring packs. A pack of the usual seasoning, a pack of white color powder @ santan/milk looking seasoning and a pack of rich curry paste.

Unlike your usual noodle where some prefer to have the broth made separately.  You are advice to cook the noodle along with all 3 packs of the seasoning.

I decided to go straight off with the typical instant noodles preparation with nothing more than just noodle and soup.

The taste is so rich and undoubtedly just like your neighbourhood curry. A great combination that I personally think of would a lots of taufu pok and fu chuk, some fishcake too! May also want to consider adding im bee hoon the next round and save some of the curry paste as condiment and not to forget the lime , maybe some sotong too.

Certainly one of best curry flavoured instant noodle so far.. slurp slurp...

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