Ayam Penyet - Oasis Square

Craving for some crunch ? What about a trip to Ayam Penyet @ Oasis Square for an authentic Indonesian meal of crunchy full flavoured dishes.

Definitely not to miss would be the Ayam Penyet itself - crispy deep fried chicken sprinkle with a wholesome load of kriuk-kriuk. Serve with some fresh cucumber, tempeh, tofu and speciality chilli with a sweet note of slight spiciness. The chicken is prep in "secret" penyet marinade and smashed before its serve. The fermented flavor of the tempeh sits just nice for those who dislike sourish taste.

While you certainly can't resist the chicken, for those who enjoy the red meat category, I do suggest to go with the beef ribs penyet. It may be fried but the meat texture is still tender with a rich taste of spices. Eating it along with the sambal enhances the richness of the dish even more.

Beside these infamous crunch mania, you can also op for something light such as the Chicken bakmee, which reminds me the taste of sesame chicken noodle. It's serve dry with diced chicken cube seasoned with soya sauce, sugar and sesame oil.

Personally I adore the sup tulang, chunks of beef cooked in rich vegetable broth. The meat is so tender that it  break into nice bits if you run your fork over it. You can definitely taste the collagen from the meat with just a single sip of the lovely soup.  

Other specialties including Gado-Gado - an Indonesian salad serve with peanut sauce and crackers made out of white beans. If you fancy something more saucy, go for the beef rendang (just as juicy and tender) and you can chomp down an entire bowl of rice in no time. 

Yum yum ~ 

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