Recording L.I.F.E @ VCR

Coffee culture have flourish over the year in the heart warming city of KL

Spending the afternoon during weekday @ a unique coffee boutique is my kind of luxury. 

Tucked away in the corner off a busy street right behind the police station, VCR shine in the array of coziness. 

Is modern simplicity interior paired with wood metal furniture gives the cafe a cool and raw outlook.

It's narrow staircase leads us to a second floor which married the creative use of a container to the core structure of the heritage building to provide extra space for guest to enjoy and slowly sip away. There's also a tiny outdoor section where one can opt to ponder on the small field on the upper floor.

A cup of coffee and a slice of sweetness reminds me the simplicity of happiness. 

For a wholesome experience, try to ask for recommendation from their baristas and don't be shy to pick up a sweet lovely slice of cake for your beautiful day !!

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