Learning my 'ABC' - Acme Bar & Coffee

As many have shared their happy moments dining at this little gem in town, I have finally made it to one of the top 20 must visit cafe in KL.

Thanks to an impromptu invite by a girl friend who had a sudden crave of ABC famous cempedak cake.

I would say I'm certainly under dressed to walk in with flipflop and I don't mean the brand.. lolx..
Sadly cempedak is not in season so we opted to nonetheless its close cousin Sir Jackfruit...

Don't get fool by the layers of jackfruit cream lying sinful between the soft bouncy cake base.. because they are awesomely light and well balanced.

Paired with a cup of nice warm White Ambroise from tea forte just made my day.

Wanting more from the menu, I was tempted for their fried vegetable (lotus root, yam, sweet potato) drizzle  with truffle oil. 

Presentation wise was all good. First bite, the yam was slightly undercooked, lotus root was slightly overcooked and the bucket of vegetables were salted uneven. There's no dip to the dish nor any trace of the aroma from the truffle oil.

Certainly was hoping for something way better than this. But I'll certainly return for I aim to try out their lamb shoulder and salted egg chicken strips.

Price wise, slightly on the high side but bare able. RM70++ for 2 cups of tea, a slice of cake and a bucket of fried vegetables. 

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